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Specials, announcements and more from Flagship Restaurant Group! Don't be afraid, we only send stuff out like once or twice a month, and we keep your info private and all that. (We hate spam, too.)

Beginner Misconceptions

All sushiSushiSushi actually means “seasoned rice” is raw.

NOT. While it’s true that traditional nigirinigiri nigiria pair of precisely-sliced raw or cooked fish, roe or quail eggs served over an oblong mound of sushi rice with a dab of wasabi in between. Shown: Maguro, sashimisashimisashimifreshly-sliced raw or cooked fish, roe or quail eggs, three pieces to an order. Shown: Maguro and makimakimakia cylindrical roll of sushi rice, fish and often times other tasty ingredients, wrapped in seaweed or soy paper, cut into bit-sized pieces. Shown: The Beach is served with raw fish, Blue offers many enticing, cooked versions of these Japanese favorites.
Look for the * on our menu, which means the items are fully-cooked.

Sushi is smelly, fishy and slimy!

Not true. This is high-quality sushi-grade fish, and Blue gives you options other than raw fish. We have nine veggie makiveggie rollveggie makiVeggie Maki available: Avocado, Cowgirl, Crunchy Cabbage, Eden Roll, Ichi Zen, Kappa, Silly Rabbit, Veggie and VLT. Shown: Veggie options as well as sashimi, nigiri and maki with cooked fish. Keep in mind that there are all kinds of fish, and they each have their own distinct flavor, scent and texture. If you’re still hesitant, we’ve recommended a few options for you ultra-picky eaters. Check out our suggestions below.

Sushi is for rich people

Negative. Sushi used to be peasant food, for crying out loud. Not even the Emperor himself would touch the stuff. Sushi has evolved since the good ole days and you do not need a trust fund to have a satisfying meal at Blue. We offer complete sushi lunch specialslunch specialsserved with miso soup or a house salad and your choice of:
– two maki $11
– one maki & one (2pc) nigiri $12
– one maki & one (3pc) sashimi $14
starting at just $11. And you could easily have a complete dinner for under $20under $20try this on for size:
– seaweed salad $6
– seattle maki $7
– spicy tekka $7

Beginner Suggestions

  • If you like cucumber and avocado, give the Crunchy L.A. Crunchy L.A.crab (not raw!), avocado, Japanese cucumber, crispy panko, sweet chili sauce a try. If cilantro, eel sauce and spicy crab (not raw!) sound like a good time, try our signature Crunchy BlueCrunchy Bluespicy crab, cilantro, crispy panko, eel sauce. Both rolls are beginner favorites.
  • Want to give raw a go? We suggest maguro, which is big eye tuna. This fish is more mild and lacks the seafood nose and oily texture that you might be leery of.
  • Seaweed paper originates from the big bad sea and therefore can taste a bit fishy for those with sensitive palettes. Try a roll with soy paper instead, like the Hot PopperHot Poppersmoked salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno, tempura. Or, we’ll gladly substitute soy paper in any roll for just a buck more.

Expert Misconceptions

The practice of mixing wasabi with your soy sauce

In Japan, extra wasabi is never given to the customer. If the sushi is meant to have that hint of wasabi flavor, it will be added by the sushi chef. In fact, adding it yourself is considered improper etiquette. But let us clarify, we are not actually knocking this practice, because the sushi experience is all about making it your own. We’ve noticed that many of our customers love that extra hit of heat. So, go for it! (Why else would we put it on your plate?)

The practice of dipping all sushi in soy sauce

We know, it’s hard to pass up that sweet salty goodness. If a roll already has a saucesaucelike our signature eel and sweet chili sauces or mirin mango purée, try to resist the urge to take a dive into the soy, doing so changes the intended flavors. Also, sushi with sweeter flavor profiles, such as tamagotamagoegg custard and inari,inarifried tofu should never be dipped into soy sauce.

Expert Suggestions

  • Try the Black Tunablack tunaBlack Tuna. Marinated for three days in Blue’s special sauce, this buttery fish is sometimes called super white tuna. Actually, it’s not a tuna at all, it’s walu.

  • The Chef’s Tasting Menu features four different cuts of your choice of salmon, white fish or tuna. You might appreciate the fact that Blue Sushi uses only Blue FinBlue Fin Tunais one of the most sought tunas in the world. 75% of all Blue Fin caught actually ends up in Toyko’s fish market, which pays top dollar for it and Big Eye, the best quality tunas available. The lowest quality tuna, Yellow Fin, is never served at Blue Sushi.

  • Add ikuraikurasalmon roe to any selection. Try it with an order of sashimi or nigiri Uniunisea urchin. You can’t beat that yokey, salty flavor combination and the texture is unmatched. A dip into soy sauce is most definitely called for with this flavor marriage.

    • Sushi Lunch Specials Mon-Fri 11am-2pm
    • $2 Tsingtao beers and $5 Crunchy Blue rolls every Thursday at Baby Blue after 4 pm
    • Happy Hour Mon-Sat 3-6:30pm, Fri+Sat 10:30pm-midnight, Sun 12-8pm